Bathroom construction, remodeling and renovation

Let's build, renovate or remodel your perfect kitchen space.

If you are looking for ideas on how to build or remodel your bathroom, look no further than G3 Home Renovation. Our professional carpenters and craftsmen have the experience to build your bathroom to your specifications, within your budget and on time. way. Nothing comes close to pleasing our professionals than a satisfied customer.

We begin every bathroom renovation job by finding it in your home to personally know the existing bathroom. We need your input to design, plan and build the bathroom of your dreams. So start collecting photos from magazines, websites, and a variety of other areas so we can be as detailed as possible when working on your new bathroom design!

What you want in your new bathroom is our number one goal.

Although the scope of the project has little to do with our decision to redesign and remodel your bathroom, we will not sacrifice quality of service to reduce costs or costs. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality results with a newly remodeled bathroom, guaranteed to impress even the most demanding customer.

Protecting your home and family is part of bathroom remodeling work

Inviting a team of contractors to your home to remodel any environment is never an easy decision to make. Mess, noise, and distraction are often reason enough for a homeowner to postpone bathroom remodeling as long as possible. We understand these issues and work diligently to limit or eliminate them.

We own homeowners ourselves, so we clean up after each working day and again at the end of the bathroom remodeling process. We do not leave dangerous tools to be discovered by your child or pet.

We know that time is of the essence!

We understand that the bathroom is the second most visited room in the house – second only to the kitchen. Bathroom remodeling projects should be handled delicately and in a timely manner to limit disruptions in family life. We are aware of the need to meet your expectations in all areas including design, construction, time management and budgeting.

Honesty and integrity still exist in building

The business world is full of companies that only seek their own results. We believe that without honesty and integrity, no job is worth it. We’ll provide a realistic plan that fits your budget without restrictions. We do not underestimate our competition simply to get a job and then charge you to compensate you later.

We specialize in all areas of construction, including new homes, renovations, historic renovations and a variety of other general contracting specialties.

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