Drywall Installation & Repair

How do we work?

Installing a new drywall is more complex than simply attaching pieces to the wall or drilling a few small holes. Proper installation to ensure quality assurance requires industry experience and a highly trained team that can work together, understanding how to properly measure and install drywall using the right hardware. We at G3 Home Renovation work quickly and efficiently to install brand new drywall and we understand it as necessary techniques to avoid damaging any wiring or plumbing inside the walls.

After drywall installation, proper finishing is crucial to conceal the costs of drywall joints and screw holes, giving the wall a clean cleaning ready for paint or wallpaper applications. Without proper level of accompaniment, a painting and other finishes can actually show these errors. Drywall finishing requires a certain level of experience and this smooth look needs to be achieved and uses a mix of embossing, confusing, smoothing and sanding. G3 Home Renovation has over 15 years of experience in the drywall finishing industry using the most advanced tools and techniques. We follow all professional and industry standards to ensure correct application and a uniform and uniform finish along walls and angles.

Part of proper home maintenance is keeping the drywall in attractive condition. Filling holes left by screws or making ugly cracks disappear. While there are several kits that you can purchase at your local hardware store to repair these instances, professional grade repairs are of the highest quality, most durable and are used using the best tools and expertise.

At G3 Home Renovation we have over 15 years of experience in interior and exterior renovation & remodeling, we are professional in what we do.

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